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Has your life been shackled by issues and problems of your past? At times do you feel like it is sucking the very breath out of you? I mean not a day or night goes by that your life is not somehow negatively affected by that one issue, that one thing somebody did or said to you, or perhaps you said or did.


Could it be that you're very successful on the outside; career, education, finances, marriage and family, but on the inside there's a little girl, or young or seasoned woman screaming to really be free?  Are you ready for a breakthrough? Then, I believe this book is for you.


Chose to follow the path that the two women in this book  took to get their breakthrough. One woman, a woman in the Bible, shunned by her society for suffering for years from an issue that made her "unclean," ended up destitute and without recourse-no money, or earthly doctor could help her.


The other woman is preacher, teacher, psalmist and the author of this book, W. Nikki Pearson, who shares the story of her journey to a breakthrough from years of bondage to an issue brought about by two major life changes that happened to her when she was just a little girl.

ORDER YOUR COPY TODAY of this life changing book.  You've attended her workshops. You've heard her preach. You've even heard her sing. Each time, you walked away encouraged and empowered. Her writing has the same impact.

The path is already set.  Grab onto the principles and promises shared. Believe them, speak them, act on them and they will guide you to your breakthrough. It's Up to You! 

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